Tidiga recensioner på Superman Returns

Superman Returns

Den 28:e juli är det biopremiär för Superman Returns och författaren till detta inlägg har svårt att hålla sig. Men glädje läser jag The Movie Blog som plockade upp detta och postade några citat från recensenterna.

The Boston Herald: ”Singer & Co. can be content knowing they?ve managed not only to resurrect an American icon but done it with smarts, grace and even poetry. It?s going to be hard for any superhero movie to beat the magisterial bearing Singer so emphatically summons as in one memorable shot Superman is seen suspended in space, his dusty-colored cape twirling, an ancient god come from the heavens.”

Comic Book Review: ”My anticipation for the film ”Superman Returns” was off the charts, which concerned me – was there any chance this movie could live up to my expectations? Well, CBR News was invited to a screening of the film Thursday night and I can say with total confidence that it was everything a comics fan – and movie fan – could hope for. Yes, it’s that good.”

Läs flera citat på The Movie Blog


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