SFF: Face2Face med Ryan Fleck – Regissören till Half Nelson

Stockholms Filmfestival
Ryan Fleck

Efter visningen av Half Nelson under Stockholms Filmfestival kom regissören Ryan Fleck upp på scenen för en Face2Face. Nu listar inte SFF vilken moderator det var för just denna Face2Face, och jag hörde inte riktigt vad hon sade när hon presenterade sig. I denna nedskrift listas hon som SFF.

Mikrofonen dog även ca 6 minuter in i intervjuen, så detta är enbart de första 6 minutrarna.

SFF: I first wanna say that it was a fantastic movie, I was very impressed, I think we all are. And there is an Oscars buzz so we’ll all hope for nominations. First i want you to show me how to do a Half Nelson, it’s a wrestling move isn’t it?

// Ryan visar en half nelson på journalisten varvid applåder följer.

SFF: It’s a grip that makes you not able to move?

Ryan Fleck: Well, yes it’s a wrestling hold that, a grip that you can get out of but it’s difficult, you have to struggle. It’s a metaphore for struggle.

SFF: What inspired you to make this movie with the producer Anna Boden?

Ryan Fleck: There’s a number of things, we wrote it about 4 or 5 years ago and we just felt that it was a movie we wanted to see, it was a film that in american independent films that we didn’t feel was around. A film that people talk about whats going on around the world, they talk about politics, they talk about all kinds of things, flawed characters who wanna be good. A movie that deals with the grey areas, you know, the leaders of our country tells us that your with us or with the terrorists, your good or evil, there’s all kinds of axis of evil around the world. And i think that the world is much more complicated than that and we didn’t wan’t to make a film that had good guys and bad guys, you know, everybody is somewhere struggling within themselfs to be good.

SFF: And you certainly succeded to do that. What was it like to be working with Ryan Gosling?

RF: Ryan was great! We initially wrote the part for someone a little bit older. We thought that it would be someone in their mid-30s. Ryan was only 24 at the time we shot the film, he got a hold on the script through his manager/agent or somebody and he liked it, he contacted us. We had seen the film The Beliver wich was a terrific movie that he was excellent in but i think he was only 19 when he made that. And we didn’t think that he could play a teacher at 19, but we looked at his other films and he was terrific and we thought that this guy um.. He grow a beard and that kind of thing… But what was most important was that he felt like he had a history, it felt like that this guy had lived through some things that perhaps most 24-year olds havent and that was important to the character.

SFF: Maybe you could tells something about how you found Shareeka Epps and how it was like working with her?

RF: When we had written the script 5 years ago, we didn’t have an agent, we didn’t have any money, we didn’t know how to make this film happen. We rewrote it as a shortfilm that focused more on the Drey character, the female part of the movie. We had a video camera, we had friends that knew how to make movies and we kind of had them help us on weekends and we shot it very cheaply. We casted the kids part by going to the local school in Brooklyn and inviting them to an audition and Shareeka came to it. It was very informal audition, we kinda just talked to the kids and got a sense of who they were and she had this great presence, great smile. And that was what was important about that role for us, that she could communicate alot without talking.

SFF: How did Anthony Mackie react to the script and how was it to work with him?

RF: Anthony was great. We had seen in him in some films, he was in a Spike Lee movie called She Hate Me, wich is not a terrific film, but he was very good in it and he was in 8 Mile were he played the evil rapper, going head to head with Eminem. I thought he was good and went to him and he said yes.

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