Star Wars Nattvarden som Mosaik

Star Wars Mosaic Wide
Avinash Arora har jobbat i två veckor med programmering av en egen algoritm och annat pill för att skapa en nästan 2m mosaikversion av Nattvarden med karaktärer från Star Wars. Bilden är uppbyggd av småbilder från alla sex Star Wars filmerna. Den är uppbyggd av 69 000 bilder. Det är en bild ungefär var 20:e sek.

Slashfilm låter Arora förklara närmare:

?Yeah, there are mosaic maker programs out there, and that?s how I started. I used a program that does it for you, didn?t like the way it was turning out, and couldn?t process large files. I ?hacked? the program and wrote in my own algorithm, which is a slightly modified version of theirs and requires a really??REALLY powerful computer to compute. since mine?s just above average it took a long time for the initial composition. Then about 6 compositions later I started working on it manually. By rough estimation, i?d say I replaced about 1200-1500 images manually (cut/crop, etc.) and it improved the image DRASTICALLY. For this reason there are likely to be doubles, but I tried to avoid it. I also did a lot of color touching up, I made some frames black and white instead of color because I thought it fit better (like on the table, which is supposed to be all white, but there are only so many hoth scenes). I had the most trouble with the windows in the back, but I just did a lot of color editing and subtle changes to pull it all together. It was a really long project, and I couldn?t do anything while working on it because it was such a gigantic file, my computer would crash if I tried opening winamp or something. The flattened raw file for the full size image is 2 GB.??

Se stora bilder vidare i inlägget.

Star Wars Mosaic 1

Star Wars Mosaic 2

Star Wars Mosaic 3

Star Wars Mosaic 4

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