Guillermor Del Toro uppdaterar oss om The Hobbit pekar mig i riktning till ett foruminlägg som den gode Guillermo Del Toro gjorde för ca två veckors sedan på det officiella Hellboy II: The Golden Army-forumet.

Inläggen innan Guillermos handlar om hans eventuella inblandning i en kommande filmatisering av The Hobbit. Personen innan honom påpekar att inget är klart, officiellt, men att det är nära att Del Toro ska regissera The Hobbit.

Här är Guillermos svar:

Whew- Not yet. BUT there has been a lot of movement. And for the last few weeks there has been a lot of creative / cast / crew / visual talks and agreements and we have witnessed great progress in areas that I cannot disclose or that have already leaked from other sources.

I am dying to share news but I have to be patient and wait until the papers are done and my attachment is real. Nevertheless- a LOT of progress in defining the films, their cast and crew. And, may I add, we are all happily in synch about all creative aspects so far and all willing and eager to move forth.

I cannot say more but if all´s well the time will come To talk of many things: Of shoes — and ships — and sealing wax — Of cabbages — and kings –

May Luck be with us


PD my silence means nothing more than the fact that we are RUNNING against an impossible deadline on the HBII film, poster, campaign, ADR, VFX, etc I am SWAMPED.

BUT- Expect good things in the next 2 weeks and a nice item at COMICON. See you there-


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