Christopher Nolan om Batman 3

LA Times lyckades fånga upp Christopher Nolan på Scream awards och ställde frågor om hur han hanterar The Dark Knights ofattbara famgång, kommande projekt och en tredje Batman-film.
Jag har saxat ut några bra bitar här nedan och om du läsa hela intervjun som är den första av tre så klickar du här.

Well ?? let me think how to put this. There are two things to be said. One is the emphasis on story. What?s the story? Is there a story that?s going to keep me emotionally invested for the couple of years that it will take to make another one? That?s the overriding question. On a more superficial level, I have to ask the question: How many good third movies in a franchise can people name? [Laughs.] At the same time, in taking on the second one, we had the challenge of trying to make a great second movie, and there haven?t been too many of those either. It?s all about the story really. If the story is there, everything is possible. I hope that was a suitably slippery answer.??

On one hand, yeah, there is a certain feeling to do [something smaller]. After ?Batman Begins,?? I certainly felt like taking on something smaller, but one of the things I got such a thrill from on ?The Dark Knight?? was shooting on Imax and creating that massive scale and achieving that larger-than-life quality. So that?s a lot of fun. I?m drawn in both directions now. So maybe what I need to do next is a very intimate, small story that happens to be photographed on a ridiculously large scale. Or vice versa [laughs].

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  1. Tack LB! Jäkligt bra du uppmärksammade intervjun. Det tog några dar för mig att hitta hit, men för en batman-nörd som mig så är det här lilla julafton.

    Nolan är ju en citat-maskin:

    Avslöjande om politik:
    ”It?s funny, I?ve been asked a lot about the politics of the film. I dismiss all such analogies [laughs]. It really isn?t something we think about as we put the story together, myself, David Goyer and Jonathan [Nolan, brother of the director]. But I would point to the interrogation scene with Batman and the Joker ? not that there is a specific political point, per se ? but that I was interested in getting the actors to explore a paradox: How do you fight somebody who essentially thrives on aggression?”

    om lite annat:

    ”I like to talk about these films as having an operatic quality or being on a grand scale and a bit removed from the rhythms of real life, no matter how realistic we try to make the scenes themselves. In this scene, for instance, we went for the gritty realism in the textures of it, but it is a heightened reality. We?re trying to work on a more universal scale. If you get that right, people are going to be able to bring a wide variety of interpretations to it depending on who they are. It?s allowing the characters to be a conduit to the audience. Allowing an audience to sit there and relate to Batman and his dilemma whether they are Republican or Democrat or whatever.”

    Sjukt bra intervju. Riktigt bra genomfört av LA Times-journalisten också.


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