En fin intervju med Fincher

Benjamin Button

Oscarsbuzzet om The Curious Case Of Benjamin Button är i full gång, hos oss har den dock premiär först på fredag. Jag är där. ?r du?
Hur som helst. VFXWorld.com har en lång och väldigt informativ intervju med David Fincher. Jag har saxat ur några fina bitar

And so you spend half a million dollars on a test for one shot, and, of course, the studio comes back and says, ”How many shots do you think you have?” And you come back with: ”Three-hundred and fifty.” And they go: ”Wow! We need to seriously reconsider this?” So, I think this is where Spielberg and Lucas and Cameron and Zemeckis have a leg up on everybody: they have the ability to get people to finance things that may or may not come to fruition

I think that the greatest lesson to be learned from this was that it wasn’t about making a real human; it was about making a character. And I think the great news about Benjamin is that he is a fully realized character in a movie, and that there are all these little moments that allow you to understand and empathize with what’s going on in his little noggin, even if he’s not saying a lot and even if he can’t move a lot. You get who he is. And I attribute that to technology in service of an actor: very specific and very interesting and very varied ideas about who this character was and what he was going through.

Han har också lite intressanta synvinklar på The Dark Knight, Speed Racer, senaste Indiana Jones och Zack Snyder.

Intervjun hittar du här. Och vill du ha mer The Curious Case Of Benjamin Button-grejer så gjorde jag ett monsterinlägg för ett tag sen med tonvis av godsaker. Det hittar du här.


4 reaktion på “En fin intervju med Fincher

  1. Jag ser fram emot att se denna. ?ven om jag hört att man ska känna sig distansierad, men man kan inte lita på personer, tror detta kommer vara en mycket mer subjektiv film att tycka om.


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