Kommentarer kring Raimis Drag Me To Hell

Spider-man 3 kicked ass!

Några lyckliga stackare har fått möjlighet att få närvara vid en testvisning av Sam Raimis comeback till skräckgenren med Drag Me To Hell. Här är lite vad de hade att säga:

Collider: ?If you?ve seen the Evil Dead movies and love them, then you?ll loooooove this movie. It?s the best movie I?ve seen in theaters in such a long time.??

Brandon Lee Tenney på Twitter: ?It was A LOT of fun and most definitely vintage Raimi at his best.??

elguapo1 på Twitter: ?Awesome. Old school Raimi horror at its best.??

GeekTyrant: ?It has been a long time since we have seen a horror movie directed by Sam Raimi, and I gotta tell you I loved it! He brought it and he brought it hard!”?? ?For a PG-13 movie it was pretty hardcore and in your face disgusting. There are images in this film that made me gag, and groan out load, at the same time it had me gleefully laughing with Raimi?s classic sense of humor.??

FirstShowing på Twitter: ?It was great – now I just want to watch Army of Darkness!??

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