Videoklipp: Buffy vs. Edward Cullen

Mattias S tipsade Bloggywood om ovan video i inlägget med Wesley ”Blade” Snipes i ”Twilight.

Videon är skapad av Jonathan McIntosh, som är ett stort Buffy-fan tillsammans med sin flickvän, och idén föddes efter att de sett ”Twilight”.

We were troubled by how the main characters in Twilight seemed to embody antiquated, sexist gender stereotypes. Teenage protagonist Bella Swan is written as passive, co-dependant and perpetually the damsel in distress. Edward Cullen, her love interest, is written as over-protective, domineering and possessive.

Over the course of the film Edward is in turns patronizing, condescending and just downright creepy. He spies on Bella, he stalks her (for “her own good”), he sneaks into her room to watch her sleep (without her consent) and even confesses to a deep, overpowering desire to kill her. We marveled at how the film attempted to present this behavior as sweet and deeply romantic – and how the larger pop culture discussion continued that framing for millions of young Twilight fans. At several points during the film Anita and I found ourselves asking each other: “What Would Buffy Do?”

Läs vidare vad Jonathan skriver hos WIMN.