Nonsensnyheter från David Finchers Benjamin Buttons

Brad Pitt under inspelningen av Benjamin Buttons
Brad Pitt under inspelningen av The Curious Case of Benjamin Button.

Nyheter från inspelningen av David Finchers nästa rulle The Curious Case of Benjamin Button har nått nätet. Från den vattentäta källan ”en vän vars fru är kostymören” får vi veta att manuset är ”top-notch” och att Brad Pitt och Fincher är ”consummate professionals”. Wow! Vilket scoop.

Ett mejl till Jeffrey Wells på Hollywood Elsewhere förtäljer följande:

”A friend of my wife’s who is a costume designer was back in Pittsburgh visiting family over the holidays. During her visit we were discussing interesting projects she is or will be working on, and she said she’s unequivocally excited about her latest film ? The Curious Case of Benjamin Button.”

”Top to bottom she said the set and production was a dream, that both David Fincher and Brad Pitt were consummate professionals, and that the script was top-notch ? the only script she can recall making her cry, she said. She added that the look and scope of design of the film while ambitious is also intricate and exacting.”

”Furthermore, she mentioned that some of the sequences they saw that had been edited were absolutely stunning. Her description of the mood of those who worked on it is that of bated breath ? a near universal belief that they have made an outstanding and moving film, one that transcends and one they wish not to jinx by too much loose talk.”

”I take this with more than a passing interest as she has worked on Traffic, all of the Ocean’s movies, Solaris and Miami Vice.”

”My point is that she has been on top-notch productions and is not prone to be star struck or taken aback by every project she works on. However, in this case, she thinks this will be one of the highlights of her career.”

Totala nonsensnyheter och säkerligen läckt av en PR-junior från filmbolaget. Jag slukar dock sådana här saker eftersom jag alltid är hungrig på Fincher-nyheter, nonsens eller ej.

Förrutom Brad Pitt kommer du att kunna se Cate Blanchett, Tilda Swinton, Julia Ormond och Dakota Fannings syster Elle Fanning i filmen. Håll även utkik efter Brad och Angelinas dotter Shiloh som gör sin debut på den vita duken.

Releasedatum är satt till slutet av november 2008.